Brigita Lacovara

I grew up making wholesome food from scratch with my family in rural New Mexico.  Cooking for me has always been a means of expressing love and creativity.  In my teens I began my kitchen work as an aspiring pasty chef which has given way to a passion for fresh regional produce and the treasures of each season. After many years learning my food craft in successful restaurants and cafes I shifted my focus to managing CSA's and farmer's markets before starting my own catering business.

My deep interest in holistic health and nutrition provides a foundation for my recipes and food combinations.  Working directly with local growers and holistic food companies I have developed a deeper connection to the products that go into my offerings. I enjoy creating clean, simple meals using traditional techniques and seasonal produce and herbs. I still love to bake and all of my goods are gluten-free and/or grain-free made with nutritious sweeteners and as many vegetable as the palate will allow. 

I have studied food history, nutritional science, food ethics, and cultural gastronomy. I have walked winding road of paleo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, gluten-free, grain-free diets, traditional and global cuisine. I find that each has it's place.

I am passionate about: 
+ real food, wholesome, local, seasonal, sustainable, artisanal craft
+ plant-based, pastured/wild animal protein enhanced
+ unprocessed + unrefined
+ importance of raw, fermented & cooked (all have their place)
+ traditional preparation (maximizing nutrient density through fermentation, sprouting, soaking, cooking methods)
+ gut health & biodiversity (pre-biotic, pro-biotic)
+ geographical/regional/cultural (different cultures in different geographical locations have different diets and food cultures that are based of climate, elevation, seasonal changes and physical demands)
+ minimizing toxicity (judicious usage of certain foods that tend to harbor molds and fungi and judicious consumption of non-nutrient dense foods)

I am based out of northern New Mexico in Taos and Santa Fe and am available to travel to your location to provide excellent food and service at your event or home. Throughout the year I oversee food preparation for various workshops and retreats while also teaching culinary classes and workshops. I look forward to helping you realize your retreats, special events, gatherings and celebrations.