Farm to HOME: A 4-day immersive lifestyle retreat


Spend 4 days in the high mountains of northern New Mexico exploring eco-consious living. Based around food and cooking, we will spend much of our time in the fields harvesting, processing and cooking in the kitchen and even butchering a local pastured animal. We will visit local farms and learn how to use our bodies in the the field, and engage with local ranchers to learn about sustainability and geographical food sheds. From our harvest, both plant and animal we will learn processing, preparation and preserving for not only food but salves and natural body care products. Through community building and a deep experiential connection, we inquire what it is to live in harmony with our environment (which changes from geography to geography!!) We will use ALL parts of the plants and animals from fermentation to drying to canning and so on.  There will be no waste in the this kitchen! We will end on Sunday with a feast prepared as a family. Everyone will go home with their own place setting of local pottery and a custom chef's knife to fit their individual hand and cutting preference.