Personalized Culinary AND Nutrition Education

If you're seeking to live a natural and vital life that is EASY and TRUE, here is the guidance and the skills you have been looking for.....


Liberate your FOOD! $160

Creating a menu to maximize nutrition, flavor and ease into your cooking!

Cooking can be simple and satisfying! You’ll receive 3, personalized recipes (with variations) customized for your diet, lifestyle (work load, kitchen, preferences) and goals. Make cooking intuitive and fun for yourself. These foundational meals are a jumping off point for personal health.


Pantry Audit 360$

Craft a kitchen that will actually support vitality in your life! Save money and feel healthier! Organize your pantry and kitchen for efficiency and ease to support you in making healthy, nourishing food. You’ll even find the grocery store enjoyable after working with me. Skip eating out and learn the kitchen hacks that make home cooking a breeze.


The Kitchen Sink package $1400

The kitchen makeover that will remake your life! This package will help you overhaul your current kitchen, habits, and hangups. We’ll customize your food plan, clean out the cupboards and build your kitchen skills to create sustainable change! At the end of 6 weeks, you will have a new fluency and competence in caring for your health.