Stuffed Zucchini


Set oven to 375

4 Medium sized zucchs, large enough to scoop out the center, but not so big that they’re woody & seedy.
1 Egg
1/2c Macadamia Nut "Ricotta"
Fresh Herbs

  1. Split zucchs lengthwise and scoop out center, making little canoes. TAKE CARE to not puncture the sides with your spoon. You wouldn’t want your filling oozing all over….
  2. Sprinkle center chunks with salt and let sit 10 minutes, then pat dry removing as much moisture as possible.
  3. Oil the backs of your zucchs and set in a pan.
  4. In another bowl, beat egg, "ricotta" and herbs together.
  5. Scoop filling back into your zucch shells (your canoes as it were) and place in oven for 30ish minutes.
  6. As they solidify and relase more moisture, you can finish them on the broil setting to brown the tops.

Add an over easy egg should you care to.